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$7.00 is the cost of membership.



Yes, this program does involve a weekly subscription, however, you are not ever required to pay this out of pocket.  

Every member has a subscription wallet where a small part of commissions will be reserved for weekly subscription payments. The system will automatically get everyone a new subscription every 7 days if they have funds there.  If you do not have funds in your Subsription wallet that is ok.  You will just not get a new subscription that week.  You never ever lose your spot!

You may also decide to purchase with funds you add to your wallet or from your earnings, but only if you wish to do so.



First of all, you will be part of a wonderful community of people who want to change their life and who want to help other people change theirs.

When you join, you will also get a $10.00 voucher and ongoing 10% discount from all your future purchases at a large online store of health products. These are items you may already be purchasing and this can save you money month after month. There is also free shipping available. They ship products to over 120 countries!

As an active member of our community, you will have the right to share products, services and information with other members of the community by placing banner ads and text ads on the community’s website.

You will also have right to place your advertisements for the visitors of our websites to see.

Plus, you will get access to an Advertising Avatar, just like the lady that you can see on our website, and you can place that Avatar on any one website of yours that you wish. This Avatar can then appear on your website and tell any message that you want for your visitors, in any of 24 languages or you can ever record your own voice and message.

Lastly, you will have the right to get Patronage Refunds and Bonuses from the total income of our community through a wonderful program called The Circles.This a pretty cool exchange for only $7.00 don’t you think?


All membership fees and subscription payments are part of the community’s income. All members can share in this income, in ratio of their activity here.

All payments directly go into a pool system called The Circles and they are being circulated there to produce income for the members over and over.

Once you became part of our community by paying your first $7 dollars, $6 of your $7 goes into The Circles and will start earning you income through the joined efforts of the Community. $1 dollar out of every payment is always used to cover the expenses associated with keeping our community alive.

A small part of commissions that you earn will always be used to create new spots for you in the Circles and this way you can keep earning from the pools over and over as our community grows.



There are 4 Circles and they are a system of pools that are used to produce income for the members of the community. As your payment goes through the Circles, it multiplies and pays you Patronage Refunds and Bonuses.



You join our community and activate your membership with $7 dollars.

Once you do that, you get the right to access our products, and also to place your ads, banners, text ads, etc. for a limited period of time.

You will be able to purchase further time credits at any time and use those credits to buy more advertising time.


Every $7 dollars that you spend in our community, creates a new spot for you in Circle 1.

CIRCLE 1 – Only 2 spots in this circle will land you in Circle 2. 

$6 x 2 = $12

$2 goes to your Sponsor when you land in Circle 2 and

$10 rolls you to Circle 2.

Sponsor’s personals follow them if Sponsor has an open Circle on that level.

Circle 1 and Circle 2 will be regular Sponsor forced if Sponsor has an open spot.

If they don’t, the system will place their personals in any open spot.

Circle 3 and Circle 4 are filled left to right with no holes.


CIRCLE 2 – Only 4 spots in this circle will land you in Circle 3. 

$10 X 4 = $40

$2 goes to your Sponsor when you land in Circle 3.

$7 goes to your subscription wallet

$31 rolls you to Circle 3.


CIRCLE 3 – Only 4 spots in this circle will land you in Circle 4. 

$31 x 4 = $124

$40 payout to the member.  

$5 goes to your Sponsor when you land in Circle 4.

$7 goes to your subscription wallet, and

$72 rolls you to Circle 4.

CIRCLE 4 – Only 4 spots in this circle will get you to complete Circle 4.

$72 X 4 = $288

$168 payout to the member. 

$40.00 goes to your Sponsor as Patronage Bonus when you complete Circle 4.

$7.00 goes to your subscription wallet, PLUS

You instantly get 2 re-entries to CIRCLE 1

You instantly get 2 re-entries to CIRCLE 2

You instantly get 1 re-entry to CIRCLE 3

And the wonderful person who shared this with you, will earn all the bonuses on each Circle on the re-entries as well.

So here is what sponsor will earn on each person they pif in or share this with:

$2 Circle 2

$2 Circle 3

$5 Circle 4

And then $40 when each person they share this with completes a Circle 4.

The member brings home around $40 + $168, which is a total of $208 during one ride from Circle 1 to 4. Also, the member will earn a total of $21 into their subscription wallet for purchase any time when all 4 Circles are completed.

The more you share this with the more you make and the faster it goes!!



There is one mandatory requirement in our system. You must participate to earn here. We can not and will not tell you that you can join us and do nothing to help us grow and earn. However, any time you help someone either by paying it forward to them, or by just signing them up, you will be entitled to get Patronage Bonuses as they move through the Circles again and again. We encourage you to help your friends, family and whoever you want to, let’s grow our community together.

Don’t forget: anyone can sign up for just $7 and immediately gets a $10 voucher that they can use when they purchase any products at an online health store. So, technically, we pay you and every other member more than you pay us, when you become part of our wonderful community. How is that for exchange?



There are no owners in this system.

There are creators though: a few like-minded online marketers, who decided to put together this community for everyone’s good. We don’t take out any extra money for doing this, except what is used to cover the bare expenses of running this system for all of us.

Actually, we are volunteering our time, our talents and our money, to create this community and keep it here for all of you.

We have exactly the same rights and benefits as any other members.



Because we believe in the power of love and giving, and we want to prove to the world that it is possible to create a workable online earning system, that is not driven by greed, that serves and honestly helps everyone involved.

You are welcome to help as well, we accept volunteers from our community to make this as good as possible for the sake of all participants.

PaidInCircles is YOURS to enjoy and use as a vehicle to reach your dreams.

All we ask from you, whatever you receive, flow it back, help others to reach their dreams as well.



You can upload money to your wallet by any credit or debit cards, you can use Bitcoin, as well as Solid Trust Pay, Blue Bird Card and Google Wallet.. If there is ever a problem and a new payment method is needed, let us know, and we will always help you find a solution.



We are continually working on adding more and more options.

At the moment, you can get your commissions through Solid Trust Pay, and even ACH or Western Union, Blue Bird Card and Google Wallet.



No, our community is not an MLM system.

This is a co-op system, a for-profit cooperation, where members are allowed to receive compensation from the community for their work in and for the community.

Our payout system does not include „levels” nor „placements”, it is comprised of pools and payouts are strictly done on the basis of sales and for the members’ help in growing the co-op itself.



Yes, as a member of our community, you are entitled to Patronage Bonuses for helping our community grow.



Yes, we will be adding promotional materials, power points, sample ad texts, etc. to your back office that you can use to promote this program. Also, we have live presentation webinars and training webinars weekly for both USA and International members.



Yes, supporting our members is very important for us.

We have live chat support on the website, as well as phone and email support.


Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!